My first impression of Mooyah’s was, “Looks like a Five Guys in there.” It really did. Right down to the hats on the cooks. But they didn’t have any peanuts. You choose your burger single patty, double patty, cheese, then you can pick from an extensive list of typical toppings. It’s not unlike other “gourmet” style fast food burger joints that have been springing up the past few years. I got it dressed the Mooyah way which had lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, grilled onions, some other stuff probably, and Mooyah sauce. What is Mooyah sauce you collectively ask? It was described as “sort of like Thousand Island, but much better.” How I interpreted it: Big Mac sauce. Not bad guys, but not totally unique either. I added some fried onion strings too. The burger patty was smashed and slightly crispy like Smashburger, the bread was nice and toasted on both open sides, and it was served on a metal tray (which is another thing I’ve noticed about expensive burgers) like at Company Burger. It was a good burger. Nothing eventful, but it holds its own. The sauce? Has those bits of relish in them that make the sauce seem familiar. The fries are supposedly made in house every day. And they were wholesome and crispy. I particularly enjoyed the bits and ends because they were especially crispy and soaked in oil. 

I also got a small, mint chocolate milkshake. It was a tough experience drinking this thing. I think it was still full of frozen chunks of 100% ice cream cause they kept getting stuck on the end of my straw. And towards the end the flakes of mint chocolate got stuck on the end of my straw. I think drank most of it by just tilting it into my mouth. Again, nothing eventful about this. I wish they used bubble tea style straws like Hopdoddy in Austin did. Pass on the mint chocolate and get something that doesn’t have extra things in it that could get stuck in your straw. Jim seemed to be having an easy time with his vanilla milkshake. 

Anyway, the service was great. Almost no mistakes in our order. They give you a weird receipt with the toppings you request itemized on it. So it sorta makes you look like a fatty. Also, I had to disregard the slight stereotyping that happened (do any of us practice karate…? Haha!). But beside that they took the order well and came around at our table to check up on us. 

Will I come back? Maybe.. But I think there are other places more worthy of my time (Burgersmith). There are also other burger places to try!

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